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Second Hand Clothe

Second Hand Clothe
Kurland Trading have a large stocklot of Second Hand Clothe. Most is H&M and a few percentages are used shoes.

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Quality Second Hand Clothes

Used original clothing, in absolute top quality. Danish origin.
Cream 1st and 2nd, but most are 1st quality. Mostly light clothe.

Please notice: 2-5% of our stock is high quality shoes
and 70% is branded H&M.

Can easily be sold for 2-3 €/kg.

Deal Specifics

Stocklots: 15,5 Tons

Price a piece: € 0.80 per kilo
Full Stocklot: € 12.400

Delivery is: Ex. Works, Glostrup, Denmark
We deliver world-wide, with best optimal delivery form
depending on your order size and destination.
MOQ is: 500 KG

Shipping Details:
40 f High Cube, 15,5 Tons
13,6 M Trailer, 15,5 Tons