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Canon 60″ Printer

Canon Pro Printer iPF 9100

Used: 6 years old

The imagePROGRAF iPF9100 is Canon’s flagship large format printer for those photographers who need to produce truly large format photographic and fine art prints.

Who is it for?

For photographers looking to make very large photographic and fine art prints, up to 60 inches across, the iPF9100 offers exceptional quality and high levels of productivity. The iPF9100 uses a 12-colour LUCIA pigment ink system that delivers for those looking for exceptionally accurate colours, expressive black and whites and cost effective print production.

  • 60-inch wide print capabilityIf you need to produce very large prints, the iPF9100 is the perfect choice. Able to print on roll paper up to 60 inches wide and also able to produce borderless prints up to 42 inches wide, you can make the most of your photography. For panoramics, you can produce prints that are up to 18 metres long.
  • 12 ink tanksUsing 12 ink tanks offers a much greater colour gamut than is possible with fewer ink colours – the addition of primary red, green and blue ink tanks makes reproducing these difficult colours much easier. The increased number of colours also makes sure that your inks last longer because there is less colour mixing required to achieve certain colours and tones, so your ink is not wasted and your running costs are reduced.
  • High capacity ink tanksSince the iPF9100 is capable of producing such large prints, the ink tanks available are either 330ml or 700ml each. If you run out of an ink tank during a print, you can replace it while the print job is running thanks to sub-ink tanks that store a small amount of ink to enable the printer to continue running while you switch over the main tank. This ensures your print run is never interrupted when printing long runs and you’ll never miss a deadline.
  • Wide range of media optionsThe media feed options provide a large range of print media width possibilities, from 0.07mm up to 0.8mm thick substrates. The creativity of paper choice is therefore not limited, allowing you to select the most appropriate media to show off your images, from high gloss to backlit film, fine art rag and canvas.
  • Built-in calibrationAchieving accurate print colours can prove difficult, but the imagePROGRAF iPF9100 has a built-in colour calibration system to achieve excellent results from the first print to the last. It avoids the ‘trial and error’ process of colour matching. Once calibrated, the iPF9100 will adjust the ink output to suit the media being used to ensure optimum ink usage each time. 
  • Lightfast for 100 yearsUsing Canon paper and inks, the iPF9100 system will produce vibrant prints that are guaranteed to be unaffected by light for up to 100 years.
  • Effortless operationA large LCD display makes operation of the imagePROGRAF iPF9100 incredibly simple. For simplicity you can choose to operate the printer driver in “easy mode” which utliises the printer’s various pre-configured settings.
  • Software optionsThe iPF9100 comes with additional software to enhance the connectivity and capability of your large format print environment. This includes a Plug-In for Photoshop and Digital Photo Professional, as well as Digital Photo Front Access, that’s ideal for viewing your images and assigning to an application.
  • Two 1-inch print headsCanon’s L-COA processor channels output through two 1-inch wide print heads, so the iPF9100 can eject ink from 30,720 nozzles at a time. Each ink droplet is formed of four picolitres of ink to produce very fine dots on the print media resulting in increased print resolution and smoother colour gradation. The large print heads contribute to the rapid print speeds achieved by the iPF9100, by allowing larger areas of an image to be produced at any given time.
  • LUCIA pigment inkThe LUCIA pigment inks used in the iPF9100 combine the results achieved with dye-based inks with the durability and weather resistance of a pigment ink. In addition to the standard CMY ink colours, the LUCIA ink sets include complimentary RGB colours, plus two shades of grey ink and two different black inks – one for glossy paper printing and one for matte paper printing. The use of these 12 ink tanks enables a much increased colour gamut and provides the ability to achieve vivid colours on a wide variety of media from glossy paper to canvas.

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