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Refugee Beds

Refugee Beds with or without legs

We have a stocklot of Refugee Beds in multiple colors and designs.
1 version without tall legs (so you cannot fall out of bed) and the other model with legs.

Deal Specifics

Stocklot: 10.000 Beds

Price is per Bed:
With Legs at 600 Units: € 75,00 per bed
With Legs at 1.200: € 68.00 per bed
Without Legs at 600 Units: € 68,00
Without Legs at 1.200 Units: € 60,00:
600 Units: 1/2 Trailer
1.200 Units: Full Trailer

Delivery is: Ex. Works, Instanbul, Turkey
We deliver worldwide, with best optimal delivery form
depending on your order size and destination.
MOQ is 600 Beds

Production time: 15-20 days
100% pre-payment for each order

Trailer (13.6 m) can load: 1.200 Beds