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Kurland Trading

Kurland Trading is founded by Michael Kurland, who started out by finding good deals for the people in his network. Today Kurland Trading has more than 40 years experience with trading on a global scale. We sell single products as well as container shipments for global trade and right now Kurland Trading is doing business in more than 80 different countries. These are some of the reasons why we are able to find the best deals around the world on anything from clothing til home appliances. Our selection ranges from brand new, over factory rejected to second hand products and contains both recurrent product categories and continuously changing exclusive deals.

The Kurland Trading headquarters and stockroom are located just outside Copenhagen, Denmark and you are more than welcome to visit us.

Michael Kurland, Founder and CEO

Experts in logistics

Having shipped millions of Tons of goods over the last 40 years, have resulted in the most optimal logistics team to handle any size goods to any destination.

Committed 100%

Trust has been built over several decades and we are 100% comitted to stay on course and deliver our goods as agreed each and every time.

40 years experience

Having 40 years experience in dealing with hundreds of customers worldwide – makes Kurland Trading a name you can rely on.

We have been global from start

Ever since the beginning we started exporting products to many countries, including Africa and the Middle East. Some of our customers goes back almost 30 years.


Michael Kurland

Founder and CEO
Office: +45 55500525 (Ext. 1) WhatsApp : +45 20232820 

Rupert Kurland

Sales, Export & IT Department
Office: +45 55500525 (Ext. 9)
Mobile : +45 27582100

Mindaugas Ziedas

Storage Manager 
Office : +45 55500525 (Ext. 5)
Mobile : +45 27572100

If you have a stocklot for sale
please contact us!

We are always interested in receiving offers on your stocklots
or returned goods, overproduction etc.

Mostly interested in:
Steam Irons
Electrical Kettle (1,8 L and 2.000 Watt min).
Only CE Branded Products