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Kids Diapers
Czech Republic

Our Kids Diaper products are from Czech Republic:

A Grade. Pull Up


We have a stocklot of 15-17 Tons of top quality Kids Diapers from the Czech Republic.

The sizes are as follows:

Sizes 4, 5, and 6 refer to the weight classes for baby diapers. Although different brands may have slightly different weight classes, generally the following applies:

  • Size 4 is intended for babies who weigh between 15-40 lbs (7-18 kg). This is typical for children between 18 months and 3 years old.
  • Size 5 is intended for children who weigh between 27-35 lbs (12-16 kg). This is usually for children between 2 and 4 years old.
  • Size 6 is intended for children who weigh over 35 lbs (over 16 kg). This is typically for children over 4 years old or for younger children who need extra absorption.

Our A-Grade kids diapers are produced with the utmost care, and we maintain strict quality control standards throughout the manufacturing and packing processes. While packing the newly produced A-Grade diapers, we allow for a maximum damage rate of 5-8% per shipment, given the fragile nature of the product.

Our A-Grade Pull Up Diapers come in a convenient pack size of 29 diapers per kilo, with 210 kilos per bale and 4 bales per pallet. A 40-foot HC container can hold up to 18 pallets, for a total of approximately 435,000 diapers.

World famous Brands only:

29 Diapers per Kilo
210 Kilo per Bale
4 Bales per Pallet
18 Pallets in a 40 Foot HC Container
Total pieces in a 40 Foot HC is approx. 435.000-493.000 Diapers

29.000 Diapers per Ton
15-17 Tons per container

Deal Specifics:

A Grade ONLY
Pull Up ONLY

Price is per ton:
Pull Up: € 1.390 per Ton
That is approx: € 0,047 per diaper
1 X 40 Foot HC: 17 Tons = € 23.630

Delivery is: Ex. Works, Czech Republic
We deliver worldwide, with best optimal delivery form
depending on your order size and destination.
MOQ is 1 X 40 Foot HC Container