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Menstruation Pads
Czech Republic
Mixed Premium Brands

Menstruation Pads

Experience uncompromised comfort and protection with Siempre and Facelle menstrual pads. Our 24cm size provides reliable coverage for moderate flow days, ensuring you stay dry and confident. Need extra protection overnight or during heavier flow?

Choose our 28cm pads, designed for maximum absorbency and security.

For ultimate coverage, our 32cm size offers extended length for peace of mind, even on the heaviest days.

Both Siempre and Facelle pads are skin-friendly, highly absorbent, and designed with your comfort in mind.

This stocklot from Kurland Trading offers amazing quality for a tantastic price. Order today!

Two world Brands

3 sizes

24 cm: These are typically considered regular or “medium” sized pads. They’re designed for days of moderate menstrual flow.

28 cm: These are generally labeled as “large” or “overnight” pads. They are designed to provide extra coverage and protection for heavier flow days, or for overnight use when you may be laying down for several hours at a time.

32 cm: These are usually considered “extra large” or “maxi” pads. They offer the most coverage and are ideal for heavy flow days or overnight use. They may also be preferred by women who want extra coverage for added security or comfort.

See video for more details (coming soon).

Deal Specifics

Stocklot: 9-10 Tons
115 kg per bale
78 Bales
Total between: 165.000-170.000 pieces per ton.

Price is per Ton:
1 Ton: € 1.050 

Price per piece approx: € 0.0062
Full 40 Foot Container: Approx. 1.5 Million to 1.7 Million pieces

Delivery is: Ex. Works, Czech Republic
We deliver world-wide, with best optimal delivery form
depending on your order size and destination.
MOQ is: 1 X 40 Foot HC Container