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Pro Pizza Oven

Model: Sveba Dahlen DC22P

Pro Pizza Production

The Sveba Dahlen DC22P is a pizza oven that is part of the Classic Pizza series, known for its high quality and flexibility in design to meet the needs of different pizzerias. This oven offers a variety of features aimed at enhancing the baking process and operational efficiency. It includes options like separated power supplies and disassembled decks, allowing for a tailored setup according to specific business needs.

Key features of the DC22P include its robust insulation, which helps maintain heat within the oven, contributing to energy efficiency and a better working environment. The oven also features precise temperature control across different sections, which can be adjusted individually for the top, bottom, and front heat, ensuring even and efficient baking. Additionally, the oven is equipped with high temperature resistant halogen lighting for better visibility and stone soles for classic pizza baking, which are essential for achieving the perfect pizza crust.

The DC22P is also designed with safety and convenience in mind, featuring ergonomic door handles that remain cool to the touch and a smooth door mechanism with ceramic glass. For quicker heat-up times, the oven includes a turbo function and an AC guard, which allows it to be connected to smaller circuit breakers by distributing power effectively across the oven decks.


Stainless Steel, 2 oven rooms
Oven surface made of special pizza stones
Oven doors with ceramic glass and 2 ergonomic handles
Built-in Timer
Aluminium legs with wheels (with lock)
Stainless Streel shelf
Seperate control of each oven for front, over and underheating.
Temperature controller
Capacity: 2 X 6 pizzas (30 cm).
Measurements inside: 
Oven 1:
W 950 x D 820 mm x H 160 mm.
Oven 2:
W 1390 x D 1380 x H 1805 mm.
Electric: 3 X 380 V. 15,8 kW.

Deal Specifics

Stocklots: 1 Unit

Price is: € 2.000

Delivery is: Ex. Works, Glostrup, Denmark
We deliver world-wide, with best optimal delivery form
depending on your order size and destination.
MOQ: 1