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Top Quality Used shoes org Cream 1st 2nd (15)

Product Specifications

Product Description

Kurland Trading is also capable of giving our customers a great selection of  absolute top quality original used shoes. The shoes are both men, women and children’s shoes.

These shoes are Danish brands, the highest of quality. They contain more cream and newer shoes.

We are specialised in buying and working close to different sorting factories, which is why Kurland Trading is able to give you great prices for quality products. Our second-hand shoes are packed in polybags from 22-30 kg. We load in each polybag men sizes 39-46, 20 pairs. Women and children 30-40 pairs, a total of each bag 50-60 pairs.

Our container loading 40 feet Hc contain 580-680 polybags, a total of 17 ton.

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