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High Quality Copymachines (New Stock)


Product Specifications

Product Description

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High Quality Copymachines – Mostly Sharp and HP.

We’re offering 54 units in total. All high quality models and 100% OK.

When loading mixed goods in different sizes, we’ve to secure the the goods on pallets in two floors. There is an additional fee for each loaded pallet á €14.

Quantity Model Productname
1 Sharp MX C 311 Copier
4 Sharp MX 2600 Copier
1 Sharp MX 2300 N Copier
1 Sharp MX M260 Copier
4 Sharp MX 4101 Copier
2 Sharp MX 2301 Copier
1 Sharp ARM 256 Copier
1 Sharp MXM 550 Copier
1 Sharp MX 3110 Copier
1 Sharp MX 2310 HCF Copier
2 Sharp MX 5112 Copier
1 Sharp DXC 200 Copier
1 Richo Aficio 3235 C Copier
1 Xerox Work enter 7425 Copier
1 HP Color Laserjet CM6040F MFP Copier
1 Xerox Workcenter Pro  245 Copier
5 Canon C-IRAC 2220i Copier
5 Canon C-IRAC 2225i Copier
5 Canon C-IRAC 2230i Copier
1 HP 1536 DNF Laserjet Printer
1 HP CP 2025 Laserjet Printer
1 HP M 1522N Laserjet Printer
1 HP M 251N Laserjet Printer
1 HP M 401DN Laserjet Printer
1 HP M 425DN Laserjet Printer
2 HP M 451LNW Laserjet Printer
1 HP M 750 Laserjet Printer
4 HP P 4015N Laserjet Printer
1 Lexmark 748 DE Laserjet Printer
1 OKI B472 Laserjet Printer
54 SUM

Sold as one batch – á unit €135,00

Download our list of copymachines here.


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