Applying for a VISA

If you want to visit Kurland Trading you need to apply for a visa. To obtain a visa the embassy or consulate requires an invitation being sent from Kurland Trading.

1. Obtain a proforma invoice
Contact Kurland Trading for a proforma invoice for the products you wish to purchase.

2. Apply for a VISA invitation
Once a proforma invoice has been received, then you need to fill out our invitation form.

Apply for VISA Invitation

Fill out this form to request a VISA invitation from Kurland Trading.

3. Pay the deposit + handling fee (min. 4.000 EUR)
When the visa invitation has been sent to us the next step is to pay the deposit and express fee if this has been selected. Please notice that we do not proces the visa application until payment has been received. Payment details will be outlined on the proforma invoice, and deposit will be withdrawn from final sales invoice.

4. Sending of Invitation IDs from Kurland Trading
Once payment has been registered we will proces the invitation with the Danish Embassy and then send you a list of Invitation IDs which you will need to send along with the VISA application.

5. Fill out and send VISA Application
Use the link below to fill out a VISA application and send it to the Danish Embassy (on this email along with the Invitation ID received from Kurland Trading.

Link to VISA application form: Business visa form

6. Now the application proces is done. The Danish Embassy will get back with further details.


Prepare documents for the embassy/consulate

Collect as much information about you and your company for the embassy. The more information you can prepare for the embassy the easier and faster the application will be. See checklist below.

Checklist of items to prepare for the embassy:

We have prepared a checklist of the preparations which you need to bring to the embassy

Required documents to bring

  • Company registration document
  • Bank statement
  • Passport for ALL visitors

Optional documents to bring

The following documents are not required but it is our experience that the more you can bring of the following documents the better. Please also remember to answer all questions at the embassy honestly.

  • Documentation for company office lease contract
  • Documentation for earlier travels (to foreign countries)
  • Documentation for marriage and/or children
  • Documentation for resident permit
  • Documentation for paid taxes
  • Documentation for education
  • Receipt for deposit payment
  • Bill of Lading