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VIBE Vodka

We’re very excited to introduce VIBE Vodka, as a new exclusive offering here at Kurland Trading. VIBE Vodka is an high quality liqueur and a extraordinary good business opportunity for you. We’re currently looking for dedicated agents across markets. We will guarantee professional trade only, focusing on reliability, trust and profitability – without any compromising. We’re looking for local sales representatives, with large networks within different businesses and industries. Examples given;
  • High-end cafés
  • High-end restaurant
  • Luxury hotels
  • Duty free shops
  • Night clubs
  • Sports clubs (Golf, Tennis, etc.)
  • Convenience stores (7-Eleven, etc.)
  • Small exclusive shops
  • Wholesale
We’re very interested getting in contact with you, if you fit following criterias:
  • You have experience working with marketing and promotion
  • You have experience selling high quality products
  • You exhibit dedicated and zeal any job you involve yourself in
  Interested in a partnership? Please contact us at
VIBE Vodka is made with complex measures that provide the products quality. Including;
  • Temperature control in performance of production operations
  • Use of aligned pump at the state of alcohol and water mixing
  • Impossibility to use an accelerated horilka production scheme because we only keep to traditional technology
  • The use of absorbent carbon makes BAU-A and BAU-LV to achieve high organoleptic indicators
  • Produced by pure grain of high quality organic wheat
  • Natural water from mountains located in Carpathians, Ukraine
  HS code: 2208601100 Factory ISO 9001 and ISO 2001* *An ISO factory is a factory that has been certified as complying with standards set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This includes the factory management environment, methods of production, and production quality.

Pricing (Based on a full container with around 15.000 liter)

LUX (4 times filtration) Transparent bottle with logo print on etiquette. Screw cap in either metal or plastic (see options below). Screw cap will be in black with silver foil.
Size Price
200 ml.
500 ml.
750 ml.
1000 ml.
LUX EXTRA (5 times filtration) Froggy bottle with logo print on bottle. Screw cap in black plastic with gold foil. Size                                   Price                                         Price (incl. exclusive box) 500 ml.                              €                                               € 750 ml.                              €                                               € 1000 ml.                            €                                               € See a visualization of our bottles below and our screw caps here.1000 ml. Get even further information about our pricing here.

Shipping (40 feet HC container)

Size Bottles pr. box Kilos pr. box Total amount of boxes Total volume (liter)
200 ml. 30 10,3 kg. 2524 15.144 l.
500 ml. 20 16,4 kg. 1585 15.850 l.
750 ml. 12 14,6 kg. 1780 16.020 l.
1000 ml. 12 17,6 kg. 1477 17.724 l.
*20 feet container only available one time = extra price 8%. Please note minimum order is an 40 feet HC container or a trailer consisting of 33 pallets equal to approx. 15.000 liters.This in order to get an exclusive partnership. Production time will be 2-6 weeks from the date of order. We’re capable of producing approx. 1 million liters á month. All prices listed above is based on a partnership agreement. Prices will be regulated after first year of cooperation. Furthermore, It will be needed that you collaborate closely with Kurland Trading’s marketing department, who owns all rights of this product. Request direct for prices.
special bag graund VIBE All bottles VIBE Tube logo