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Various Inbuild/Integrated Refrigerators

Kurland Trading has a wide selection of Inbuild/Integrated refrigerators, varying in sizes and ranging from 0 to three months used, a small percentage used up to 2 years. Everything is in absolute top condition with only minor cosmetic differences if any at all. Regarding return products they might have small faults. You can also find combined refrigerators and freezers, and single door and double door models.

Example of the types and sizes we have:

  • 1 door 102 cm – Inbuild/Integrated
  • 2 doors 140 cm – Inbuild
  • Aeg-Electrolux family and Whirlpool large 2 doors 177 cm
  • Aeg-Electrolux 1 door 177 cm – Integrated


Electrolux, Zanussi, AEG, Whirlpool

All have brand new gas  R134a-R600a.

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