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Return Washing Machines

We have a great selection of top quality returned washing machines, from various brands
Many have useful programs, features, and functions.

They are returns, but are in good working order. Some might have small faults.

We can offer this quality product for only € 100,00 per unit (excl. transport).
The shipment will be a mix of different models, from 0-4 years old.
Compare at our previous price of 140€.

This is an export price and we ship Worldwide.


img_7194 img_7197 img_7198 img_7199 img_7200 img_7201 img_7207 img_7208 img_7209

IMG_9428 IMG_9429 IMG_9430 IMG_9431 IMG_9432 IMG_9433 IMG_9434 IMG_9435 IMG_9436 IMG_9437 IMG_9438 IMG_9439