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High Quality Used Refrigerator Compressors

We are happy to continue bringing top quality compressors to our clients. After the last three years we have shipped lots of containers of compressors to our happy customers. With more than 25 years experience within the business, we’re extremely pleased to offer only high quality compressors. 100% tested, without R12, only R134a-R600a and all empty from oil, freon, etc. Furthermore, none of our compressors have holes. We’re dealing with Scandinavian top quality goods, all ready to be re-used. At the moment, we’re offering following refrigerator compressors*; *Please note that most of our stock is from Danfoss.
  • Acc
  • Aspera
  • Danfoss
  • Electrolux
  • Embraco
  • Zem
  • Etc.
The compressors come in different sizes; Small, Medium, Large and XL*. *Please note that we’re offering most medium and large. All compressors are sealed according to Danish regulations. Please don’t hesitate contacting us for any special wishes. Loading: We’re offering professional loading techniques, maximizing the process and shipment. Full 20 ft. Container will be loaded nicely with 24 lanes in 10 floors. The total capacity will be approx. 3.200 units. The compressors will be standing, secured by cardboard between each floor. Pricing: Full 20 ft. Container (containing approx. 3.200 units): Only €9 100-1000 compressors: Only €10 Price per ton = €1.093 (excl. work and storage in Glostrup, Denmark) Shipping: Transfer must be completed (100%) at the date of order at latest 3 weeks before loading. Product 100% R134a-R600a refrigerator compressors.   IMG_5103 IMG_5106 IMG_5104 IMG_5071 IMG_5072 IMG_5062 IMG_5064 IMG_5066 IMG_5061 IMG_5060 IMG_5056 IMG_5058 IMG_5057 IMG_5054   IMG_5353 IMG_5343 IMG_5359 IMG_5351 IMG_5323 IMG_5103