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High Quality Used Leather Furniture

Kurland Trading is excited to offer you a NEW Business opportunity: High Quality Used Leather Furniture.

All our furniture is in high quality leather and in really good condition. We do not sell broken furniture or furniture with broken leather.

Our sortiment varies from time to time. Please contact us for an update on our latest stock.

Types of Furniture:
– Leather Chairs
– Single Chair for dinning
– Single Leather Chair for office and home (Green)
– Single Chair for home (Brown Leather)
– Two-seat Leather Sofa (Two different models)
– Four-seat Leather Sofa (Brown Leather)

Color options:
– Mixed (e.g. Dark Brown Leather, Black Leather, Green Leather, etc.)


Product price
Single Chair Mix for dinning (1000 units) á 13,50 €
Single Chair Mix for dinning (2000 units) á 13,00 €
Single Leather Chair in Green (200 units) á 42,00 €
Single Chair in Brown Leather (150 units) á 48,00 €
Two-Seat Leather Sofa in Two Different Models (90 units) á 85,00 €
Four-Seat Leather Sofa in Brown Leather á 160,00 €

*excl transport

The shipment will be a of all different models.

40-45 set furniture will fit in a 40 FT. HC Container. Two-seat sofas and three-seat sofas will fit 90-95 units in a 40 FT. HC Container.

This is an export price and we ship Worldwide.

unnamed-1 unnamed KTA Single wood chair other site. a 13 eurojpg KTA Single Wood chair differet 2 a 13 euro KTA Single Wood chair a 13 euro KTA Single Chair 2 a 13 euro KTA 2 singel chair 48 euro a unit KTA 1 singel chair at site 48 euro KTA 1 singel chair 48 euro 2 KTA Sofa 2 site a 85 euro 2 KTA Sofa 2 a 85 euro 1 KTA Sofa 2 a 85 euro


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