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High Quality Copymachines (Sold Out)

High Quality Copymachines – Mostly Sharp.

We’re offering 70 units in total. All high quality models and 100% OK.

When loading mixed goods in different sizes, we’ve to secure the the goods on pallets in two floors. There is an additional fee for each loaded pallet á €14.


Quantity Brand Model Accessories
2 Sharp MX-4501 w. Finisher + HCF (High Capacity Feeder)
1 Sharp MX-5112 Regular
15 Sharp MX-5112 w. Finisher
1 Sharp MX-5112 w. Finisher + HCF (High Capacity Feeder)
2 Sharp MXC 311 Regular
3 Sharp MX-2600 Regular
1 Sharp MX-2301 Regular
1 Sharp MX-4112 w. Finisher + HCF (High Capacity Feeder)
2 Sharp MX-3100 Regular
1 Sharp MX-2300 Regular
2 Sharp MX-2300N Regular
1 Sharp MX-1800N Regular
1 Sharp MX-5500N w. Finisher + HCF (High Capacity Feeder)
1 Sharp SF-2030 Regular
1 Sharp MX-4140 Regular
1 Sharp MX-4112 Regular
1 Sharp MX-M464 Regular
1 Sharp MX-2310 Regular
5 Canon IRAC 2020 Regular
2 Canon IRAC 2025 Regular
3 Canon IRAC 2030 Regular
1 Epson 4850-95 EP Regular
1 Brother HL45 Regular
1 HP LJP4015 Regular
1 HP LJM750 Regular
12 HP CM4540MFP Regular
1 Bizhub C280 Regular
3 Misc. Papermagazine  HCF (High Capacity Feeder)
2 Misc.  Finisher Finisher
70 SUM

Sold as one batch – á unit €135,00 (Sold Out)

Download our list of copymachines here.

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