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0-3 Years Various High Quality Return Goods

High Quality Return Goods – Great Brands!

0-3 years mix of top quality returns and factory rejected white goods. We’re very excited to offer you these quality white goods, all in splendid condition – LIKE NEW – but offered with huge reductions in pricing.

We offer:
Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Dryer, Fridge Box, Refrigerator (Large), Ceramic Plate, Etc.

Asko, Blomberg, Bauckhnet, Grundig, Samsung. Whirlpool, Etc.

We guarantee:
Professional trade – with focus on reliability and trust.
Kurland Trading will always ensure your interest. What you’re ordering, is what you’ll get – without compromising.

Our prices*

We’re happy to announce that you can mix our offerings. Our only limit is that you then have to order min. 20 products.

Product Type Price
Washing machine Mixed € 130
Dishwasher White € 120
Dishwasher Steel € 160
Dishwasher Integrated € 160
Standing freezer 180 cm – White € 150
Standing freezer 180 cm – Steel € 200
Refrigerator fridge Min. 180 cm – White € 150
Refrigerator fridge Min. 180 cm – Steel € 200
Refrigerator Min. 180 cm – White € 110
Refrigerator Min. 180 cm – Steel € 150
In-built oven Mixed € 160

*This is export prices and transport are not included.

We able to distribute this product Worldwide.

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Please notice: Payments must be fulfilled 100% up front.