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NEW Marbel Faucet


Product Specifications

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  • Price From: 16,00 € - Extra 12% Savings! – See complete pricelist
  • Width:
  • Height:
  • Depth:

Product Description

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Great faucet at a great price.

Faucet Type: Classic
Thermostat: No
Colour: Chrome
Installation: Upright
How many holes: 1
Battery type: Curvy
Cabinet height: 110.00 mm
Spout Reach: 217.00 mm
Spout: Rotates
Pull-out spout: No
Aerator: Yes
Type of connection hoses: 2
Drain Kit: None cork
Type of head: Pottery 40X

We can offer this quality product for only 16,00 EUR per unit (excl. transport),

when you buy for example 50 units.
This is an export price and we ship Worldwide.


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