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Mixed brands – 56 units – Refurbished Laptops


Product Specifications

Product Description

See our complete “Deal of the Day” pricelist here

We have just started working with some great partners, so we now can offer a whole new category of products: laptops!

The laptops are refurbished, class A. This means that they are in absolute top condition.
We have mixed brands from top manufacturers: Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus

The base prices are calculated from the computer processors. Examples are:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo – 100 €
  • Intel i3 – 130 €
  • Intel i5 – 170€
  • Intel i7 – 210€


Right now we have a specific deal on 56 units of mixed brands (Intel i3 and Core 2 Duo)

Model Take all units 20 units
Mixed brands, Win 7 – 56 Units 130€ 140€

The exact model and specifications list can be seen here:
KTA 56 x Mixed WIn 7 List a 130 euro

They are normally of country origin: USA, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Germany, England

They can be had with and without webcams. 99% of the time, all cables and such are included.

They are packed in boxes of 10 units each, with individual bubble wrap packaging.
Transport is approximately 12-20 € by air transport.

Minimum to buy is 20 units (2 boxes).
Prices are for export and we ship Worldwide.

See our product page for packing photos.

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