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Medicinal Equipment – Woodcast® 4mm material, various sizes

2015-08-18 14.39.53

Product Specifications

Product Description

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As part of our medicinal equipment stock, we are offering Woodcast 4mm cast material, in various sizes. Brand new, in box. This equipment is being sold at an extremely discounted price!

The strongest Woodcast alternative. Still easy to mould and maintains its position even when casting the most demanding fractures. An excellent option for lower-extremity splints, as it will not break or wear, even with hard use. Woodcast® 4 mm is an outstanding alternative for splinting lower limb fractures, and can be used as a leg posterior splint, for example. Can be used in all indications in both upper and lower limb where strong and steady support is required.

The Woodcast products are a completely non-toxic and perfectly mouldable & remouldable cast material suitable for all casting work. It is manufactured from clean wood and biodegradable plastic and can be moulded without water or rubber gloves.

You are welcome to contact us for more details and product photos.

You can see the product website here.

We have these sizes, mixed for a total of 10.000 units:
– 12,5 x 80cm
– 12,5 x 40cm
– 10 x 80cm
– 10 x 40cm
– 15 x 40cm
There are either 10 or 20 units per box.

We can offer this quality product for only:
7,00 € per unit (excl. transport), when buying 2.000-10.000 units.
8,00 € per unit (excl. transport), when buying 1.000-2.000 units.
9,00 € per unit (excl. transport), when buying 500-1.000 units.
Normal price is approx. 25,00 €!
This is an export price and we ship Worldwide.



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