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Lenovo T60 & T61 – Refurbished Laptops


Product Specifications

Product Description

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We have just started working with some great partners, so we now can offer you a wide range of refurbished laptops.

We just got 66 units T60 and T61 Lenovo class A refurbished laptops in stock. Class A means that they are in absolute top condition.

Sold mixed.

Intel Core 2 duo
Ram: From 1000-4000 MB
GB: From 40-160 GB

Model Take all units 25 units 50 units
Lenovo T60 and T61          € 40*  € 65*  € 60*

***SOLD OUT***
We’re unfortunatly out 
of stock at the moment. We appreciate your interest for our products. Please let us know if you’re looking for something similar, and we’ll keep you updated when we have products back in stock.


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