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High Quality Industrial Machinery – Various Types!


Product Specifications

Product Description

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We’re happy to annonce high quality used industrial machinery!

At the moment we’re offering different types of industrial machinery:
– Industrial bread oven
– Industrial cake oven
– Industrial pizza oven

Specifications Hounö BPE 1.12 (PDF)
General features:
– Sheet size: 400×600 mm
– 8-tray oven, 85 mm distance between runners
– 10-tray oven, 65 mm distance between runners (optional)
– Injection steam
– 2-piece rack
– Gas oven

Cooking modes:
– Hot air
– CombiSmart® humidity control, 10 steps
– Cook & Regen
– Proving

We guarantees all machinery work 100%.

Factory year: 2008, 2009 & 2011.

We’re pleased to offer you these three machines for extremely discounted price á only 4.800 euro/each. Retail prices á 13.500-20.000 euro.

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