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CapSee Helmet – Extraordinary offer!

2015-11-07 14.47.03

Product Specifications

Product Description

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Exclusive -15% off on an extraordinary product!

CapSee Helmet
We are very excited to announce CapSee Helmet, as a new product in our product range.

CapSee Helmet is an revolutionary helmet, with an all new mirror feature that improves user safety and viewing angles. With this helmet you can look backwards without ever turning your head, so you can keep focus on the road.

Product informations:
– A helmet for cyclist, skateboarders and roller skaters.
– An in-mold helmet construction with maximum strength.
– Fitted with adjustable straps for quick and easy adjustments.
– Fitted inside with a soft linning for maximum comfort.
– Different color options: Red, Blue, Silver and Black.

We offer this product in both adult sizes (57-63 cm) and children sizes (52-58 cm).

The CapSee Helmet is CE certified to EN 1078 and meets European safety standards.

As you know, we here at Kurland Trading are always in the business of getting you the best possible prices, so YOU can make a great profit! Below you will find our exceptional price list.

Our prices:

Product 100 units 101-500 units 501-3000 units
CapSee Helmet    20 €      18 €        16 €
CapSee -15% Offer    17 €     15,3 €       13,6 €


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